Marvel fans are invigorated with the Phase 4 Lineup

By Seth Cano | Editor in Chief

Another Comic-Con has concluded, meaning only one thing: more superhero-action fun for comic enthusiasts.

With every Comic-Con convention, Marvel makes new announcements and shows teasers for upcoming content, and this year was no different.

Most of this year’s announcements consisted of television shows for Disney’s service, Disney+, plus the announcement of Phase 4.

Most importantly was the reveal of the new movies and new faces making their way to the big-screen, characters who have appeared in the comics before but who do not have movies.

Blade and Marvel’s Eternals, both of whom were showcased at SDCC 19, will be entering the homes of millions very soon. Marvel will also present many new television shows on the Disney+ service. These shows range from WandaVision, to Loki, to Hawkeye, to Moon Knight and She-Hulk.

Marvel fans can look forward to a content-filled fourth phase with a diverse selection of shows and movies. That said, this catalogue of films and shows may disappoint some of the most dedicated Marvel fans. Marvel’s Phase Four places a large emphasis on bringing inconspicuous characters onto the big screen, but their pre-existing properties got the short end of the stick. The only Marvel films that are set to be renewed through Phase 4 are Thor (Thor: Love and Thunder) and Doctor Strange (Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness). The highly anticipated movie sequels to films such as Captain Marvel, Black Panther, and Guardians of the Galaxy are also confirmed to be coming soon, though.

Phase 4 promises tons of content for Marvel and superhero fans in the coming months and years. So, there is a lot of upcoming content for Marvel fanatics to look forward to. But with the little attention their other movie IPs are getting, it’s hard to decide how much weight that content will carry. As much as fans love to see another Spiderman or Avengers film, it is hard to frown upon the concept of more obscure characters getting the spotlight.

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