‘Joker’ is heavily acclaimed by critics and with good reason

By Seth Cano | Editor in Chief

The film Joker recently joined the long list of movies a part of the DC universe. It’s yet another attempt to try and appeal to the Marvel fan-base, however, this time it succeeds; both critically and by popular majority. The film was released in cinemas on Oct. 5.

The movie is based around the fictional character Arthur Fleck/Joker (played by the actor Joaquin Phoenix). Joaquin had a precarious position when playing the Joker because of Heath Ledger’s portrayal of the character.

Heath Ledger portrayed Joker in ‘The Dark Knight’ but was never the same after being cast the prominent role. Ledger pushed himself both physically and mentally, going so far to isolate himself for over a month. Heath’s persistence to “become the character” resulted in extreme insomnia. This caused Heath to overdose on sleeping medication, causing his premature death. Despite this unfortunate situation, Joaquin didn’t let that intimidate and/or stop him from playing the role of the Joker. The movie is told in a chronological order of events detailing Arthur Fleck’s extremely slow descent into insanity.

Arthur Fleck is a social reject who suffers from a rare medical condition that causes uncontrollable shrieks of laughter in the most tragic moments of life. This medical condition resulted in Fleck spending a lot of time in a mental asylum.

Despite the long introductory period, Joaquin Phoenix did an excellent job portraying Arthur Fleck.

Surprisingly, the film is not as action-oriented as one might expect. The action doesn’t really begin until after the long introduction. Instead of emphasizing action, the film places a huge emphasis on emotional storytelling. However, that isn’t to say there’s no action present, but rather the action that is included feels both meaningful and unpredictable. Ultimately, this was a better direction than spending millions of dollars on getting numerous stunt/action scenes. The recent ‘Birds of Prey’ film had plenty more actions scenes, understandably, but fortunately an emotional story was also seen with the recent ‘Birds of Prey’ film.

Overall, Joker is one of the better DC films, even if the beginning is a little longer than desired. Despite having such a long introduction, the film left me eagerly wanting more. Hopefully, this film is a sign of things to come for the DC universe.

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