Student absence policies need to be reformed

For many students, attendance and absences are a big deal, especially for AP students. If AP students attain more than three excused absences, they are not exempt from their final exam. However, medical and school-related absences are excepted and do not count against the student.

Phones being used during school hours.

Phones nowadays are used by mostly everyone and can be used freely almost everywhere, and one of the places that they can or can not be used in are some situations at school. Each teacher makes their own phone policy to control the usage of phones by their students, which helps but not always.

LIFT team helps kids in trouble

LIFT is a student-guided program that helps students who are experiencing social problems that interfere with their learning. LIFT means Loving Intervention For Teens. There are eight faculty members on the team. The team leader is English and AP Capstone teacher Miranda Gilliam.

Seniors wrestle with college choices

As the semester continues, senior students are beginning to make decisions about which university they will attend next year in the fall, if they have not done so already. With students going in different directions after high school, there are also different factors that go into them making their decisions.

Dress Code

Students are not following the dress code provided in Pearce High School. Many students are concerned about this because they are obligated by their parents to follow the dress code. But when they arrive at school, they see boys and girls dressed inappropriately, walking past teachers and principals and not getting confronted for dress code violations.