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  • Basketball team believes they can rebound from disappointing season

    The basketball team had a tough season against tough competition. Players felt like they were competitive in every game but a few plays in some critical games kept the team out of the playoffs.

  • Track team overcoming hurdles in preparation for season

    The track team has had many coaching changes leading up to this season. However, the new staff has started the team off early in hopes that extra preparation will help the team to succeed as the season goes on.

  • ‘Fake news’ is a continuously growing problem in America and throughout the world

    Fake news websites intentionally publish false information while claiming to be real news sites in an effort to mislead their readers. News consumers need to carefully evaluate what they read in this politically-charged environment.

  • Seniors wrestle with college choices

    As the semester continues, senior students are beginning to make decisions about which university they will attend next year in the fall, if they have not done so already. With students going in different directions after high school, there are also different factors that go into them making their decisions.

  • Immigration ban divides the nation

    Last year’s presidential election brought many issues to the forefront of American discussion. Amongst these issues were the stability of the economy, health care, gun control, and perhaps the most talked about of them all, immigration.

  • End-of-year stress affects teachers as well as students

    Students deal with stress at school on a day-to-day basis, but the stress seems to overwhelm students more at the end of the year. Stress can come from upcoming exams, end-of-the-year grades, or homework.

  • Dress Code

    Students are not following the dress code provided in Pearce High School. Many students are concerned about this because they are obligated by their parents to follow the dress code. But when they arrive at school, they see boys and girls dressed inappropriately, walking past teachers and principals and not getting confronted for dress code violations.

  • Students fight the effects of sleep deprivation

    High school is a busy time for many students. At Pearce, much of the student body is juggling between extracurriculars, AP classes and their social lives. In order to have a healthy and happy life sleep is extremely important, yet many students aren’t getting the necessary amount.

  • Club sports have advantages over school sports

    High school students who want to play sports have two basic choices. Some people say club sports is the better options, but others say school-sponsored sports are the way to go. A individual’s choice may depend on the benefits he sees from each.

  • Pearce students voice their opinion on President Trump

    Across America 138,884,643 people cast their votes in the 2016 presidential election, and although most Pearce students were not eligible to vote this time, they are developing their own political opinions that will have an important impact on the next election.